Vibha Sharma,Prachi Sharma

Sapt Chakra

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About the Book
What happens when you come across someone who looks exactly like you?
Would you pass it off as a big coincidence? Or would you chase to explore more as to why and how could this happen?
And what if you learned that there isn't just one other look-alike walking the earth, but 7 of them and that you are destined to be a part of something bigger?
Sapta Chakra explores Dr. Ishir Saraswat’s journey, who is a professor of Religion and symbology at the Stanford University. Be a part of his journey in deciphering a blessing by a Naga Sadhu that he meets at the MahaKumbha Mela, the world’s biggest religious congregation, and the super significance of seven.
Written by Vibha Sharma and Prachi Sharma, Sapt Chakra is the perfect blend of mythology, science and fiction, exploring the realm of Indian mythology and its hidden meaning in our daily lives that might lead towards a greater purpose.


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