Elizabeth Snow

Healthy Eating: Hypnosis and Subliminal Affirmations for Clean Eating

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You are what you eat. Healthy living depends on filling your body with nutritious meals and snacks in the right amounts. For many of us, the temptation to make less-than-ideal choices about our diet is all too real.

This program has been designed to train your brain to prioritize clean eating and make the best decisions about what goes in your body.

This program can help you:

• Eat to nourish your body and mind
• Avoid temptation
• Have more energy and feel great about yourself

The audiobook includes:

• Chapter 1: Healthy eating hypnosis. Listen when you are able to close your eyes.
• Chapters 2 and 3: Daily affirmations for healthy eating. Listen during any part of the day.
• Chapters 4 and 5: Subliminal affirmations for healthy eating. Listen to these nightly affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

Transform yourself from the inside out by eating clean, intuitively. A long, happy and healthy life awaits you when you respond well to what your body needs.
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