Tyler Grant

The Night Locker

The Night Locker is a dark place where good and bad people are punished alike. Tyler Grant leads readers down the path of insanity in this mind-warping tale of innocence lost to corruption by a talented entity.
Martin Blevins is an unsuspecting, inoffensive man who likes to eat at the EveryDay Diner. He orders specific meals for each day of the week. He has a routine, and has organized his life around the work schedule of his favorite waitress. On a stormy October night, Martin is assaulted by a man he calls the ogre. Embarrassed in front of the woman he loves, he goes to great lengths to prove to her that he can fend for himself, and protect her. What does this mean? Murder? Perhaps. How’s he going to do it? He’ll need a little help… and he’ll get it too. Martin is opened up to something that’s been knocking at his mental backdoor since he was an abused child. As a wave of change overtakes him, he begins to lose what makes him Martin Blevins. He becomes someone… or something… else in entirely.
Be wary of the thoughts you allow to entire your mind. Once they’re in, they can never be sent away. They live there, always waiting for the first crack in your resolve… and they worm their way into control…
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