S.L. Shannon

Healthy Heart Habits

Healthy Heart Habits: The Essential Guide on How to Prevent Heart Disease, Learn All About This Cardiovascular Disease and Expert Advice on How to Treat and Prevent It
In the United States, heart health is considered to be a ‘man's problem’. While it is true that more than 390,000 men have heart attacks each year, it is also true that more than 271,000 women experience them. Studies have also shown that women have less favorable outcomes than men because they do not always suffer the same dramatic symptoms as a man having a heart attack.
Heart disease kills more men and women each year than the top 10 causes of cancer combined. We should not minimize these deaths in any way, but we should make heart health our first priority. Fortunately, a lot of what is healthy for the heart will be healthy for the whole body as well, and can therefore lead to effective cancer prevention too.
In this audiobook, learn how to prevent heart disease. Learn expert advice on how to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.
Here are some of the topics in this audiobook:
Why Heart Health Is So ImportantGetting StartedContinuing The ProgressMaking Even More Heart-Healthy ChangesIf you have heart disease in your family or have recently been diagnosed with an underlying heart issue, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take this challenge seriously and get yourself back on the road to better health. To your best health! If you want to learn more, download Healthy Heart Habits Today!
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