Paige Cooper RN

The Gratitude Plan: Your Step By Step Plan To Achieving Greatness Using The Power Of Gratitude

In our society, it can be easy to want more than the things we already have. We might spend our time working a job we don’t like, simply so we can purchase things that won’t bring us much value in the end. We might live from one moment to the next, hoping desperately at any time that this might be when we find happiness. We search all of our lives for something that we must recognize already exists within ourselves.
In this book, we are going to discuss all of the ways that you can find gratitude in your life. Whether you’re a millionaire with everything you need or someone who struggles to rub two dimes together, the key to living a fulfilling life is in this book.
Throughout the reading, we will discuss the following:
what it means to have gratitude
how gratitude can be found in society and our relationships
gratitude as an emotion
mindfulness and meditation to elicit gratitude
And much more! Don’t wait to discover the secrets of a happy and healthy lifestyle because this is the only life you have to live! The only thing it takes to find true success and happiness is your own ability to look inside yourself and find what it is that you can be grateful for.
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