Gancanagh: A Sensual Horror Experience

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"By stepping into my forest you have entered into an agreement.
And it is binding.
You have chosen to come here, my beauty, my Áilleacht, and here you shall remain.
Until you have satisfied my fee..."
The Gancanagh known in Gaelic as The Love Talker is a seductive and ruthless creature of Irish mythology known for his intense powers of seduction. To touch him is to lose one's will. To be touched by him is to be his forever. Only a strong will can resist the Gancanagh once they have tasted the ecstasy he brings...
This 3D erotic soundscape puts you directly on the path to the dark forest, with all its warnings. Will you ignore them and step forward into the forest of the Gancanagh? Will you put your will power to the test as he surrounds you with his seductive voice and covers your body in chills...
Many have tried. And they were never seen again...
Triggers: Consent
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