Ivan Turgenev


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“Mumu” ​​is the psychological story of Ivan Turgenev about the deaf-mute janitor Gerasim, who, due to the whim of his lady, was forced to part with his beloved and drown his only friend - a dog. The author sympathizes with the simple and kind Gerasim, and his mistress portrays tough, cynical and capricious. Other famous works, such as "Asya", "Fathers and Sons", "Noble's Nest", "Biryuk", "Fire at Sea", "Inn", "Clock, belong to the author", “Three portraits”, “Strange story”, “ Date”, etc.
Ivan Turgenev is an outstanding writer of the 19th century, a corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in the category of the Russian language and literature, and the author of philosophical and psychological poems, short stories, novels and novels.
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