Dmitri Iarandine

Agile Ceremonies: The details you were missing

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Being a fresh Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner or a Business Analyst can be most daunting when it comes to scheduling and facilitating your first few Agile Ceremonies, especially if you don't know the development team and the Business stakeholders very well yet. This book explains every detail you need to know to gain confidence in conducting those Agile events and ceremonies, like a real pro!
Among other things, this book will teach you about:
1 - Backlog Refinement and two main variants of this activity;
2 - How to properly plan your Sprint with a not cross-functional team;
3 - The best practices of running an efficient Daily Scrum or a Stand-up;
4 - How to plan and facilitate a truly useful Sprint Review;
5 - The two types of Retrospectives you could introduce to your teams;
6 - Agile Energizers and Ice-Breakers, what are they and when should you use one?
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