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Essential Oils for Dogs: How to Use Essential Oils to Heal Canine Ailments and Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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Like any animal, dogs are prone to certain ailments and diseases that not only affect the dogs, but also worry their owners. Recently, essential oils have started to gain popularity for use with pets.

Essential oils are basically volatile compounds that make our bodies react in a certain way, which makes them efficient at treating small health issues. The same goes for dogs. Essential oils make a dog's body respond by reducing pain, inflammation, killing germs, and so on. While humans are fine with inhaling, ingesting, and putting essential oils on their skin to cure their pain and ailments, dogs are a bit more sensitive. A powerful fragrance, as appealing as it can be to us, can be too much for the superior nose of a dog. Overexposure to essential oils can be harmful to dogs. Some oils like tea tree oil, triggers harmful side effects in dogs such as vomiting and organ failure. These are toxic and to be avoided.

This book offers a comprehensive guide for the use of essential oils on dogs. By listening to this audiobook, you will learn:

• The best essentials oils to use on dogs

• What essentials oils could be harmful and should be avoided

• Dogs that essential oils should not be used with

• How to prepare and apply essential oils on your dog

• Essential oil recipes to treat fleas, anxiety, painful joints, and other common canine ailments

This book will help you keep your dog healthy and happy, so that you can spend more time enjoying his loyal companionship.

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