Nathalie Seaton

Lower Blood Pressure with Diet

Have you tried endless other solutions, but nothing seems to work?
Do you finally want to say goodbye to medications with unpleasant side effects and discover something which works for you?
If so, then you've come to the right place.
You see, managing - or even preventing - hypertension doesn't have to be difficult.
In fact, it's easier than you think.
Studies of US National Institutes of Health proved that DASH diet can substantially lower blood pressure as effective as - or more effective - than antihypertensive drugs in just two weeks.
This book also covers another powerful approach to eating - Intuitive Eating. Over a hundred research studies proved that this alternative to dieting showed numerous health benefits, including decreased blood pressure.
You can get healthier and control your blood pressure without going hungry or totally eliminating your favorite food groups for the rest of your life.
You will discover in Lower Blood Pressure with Diet:
Why DASH diet is better for you than another five most popular diets?Why other popular diets are bad for your blood pressureWhy intuitive eating can be better for you than any dietHow to get healthier and leaner without magic foods or going hungryHow to improve your health by eating various foods (even some alcohol)How to avoid overeating without calorie countingHow to save time with 80 easy and delicious recipes you could make in 20 minutes or lessHow even sweet tooth can reach health or weight loss goals without eliminating sweets and desserts  And much, much more! You, or your loved ones, can lower your blood pressure and live a longer, heart-healthy life.
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