Sex Magick

This album is designed to stir the spiritual sensuality that lies in every woman. Explore your tastes, your kinks, your pleasures down to the last lustful drop with the velvety Irish lilt of Gaelforce tingling in your ears.

Release the goddess inside,

01: Sex Magick

There is nothing sexier to me than seeing you step into your power. To connect with that goddess inside you. Claim your sensuality...

02: Pleasure Dom Orgasm Control

When you surrender your control... your body... yourself

03: Filthy Phone Sex

I miss you so much but you have some ideas on how to raise my spirits...

04: My Kinks: Controlling Your Pleasure

A secret vibrator nestled between your legs. Me at the control... How long could I tease you? How far could you go?

05: Oil And Orgasms

I'm thinking about you... what I'd do with you if you were with me right now... Will you join me in my fantasy?

06: Wow Me Pow Me

Tonight we'll play a little Tantric game of self-control. There is just one rule: Don't cum.

07: My Kinks: Your Wetness

Let me tell you about my fantasy. It makes me cum so fast...

08: Arousal

The best part of arousal... is giving into it.

09: My Kinks: Your Orgasms

When it feels so good we just can't stop. We burn together. Hot. Intense. All-consuming.

10: Love Of My Life (Tír na nÓg Fantasy)

Alone in a timeless, enchanted paradise with the love of my life. Could anything be more perfect?

11: Sexy in Satin

I love when you wear satin to bed. The way it drapes over your body...clinging to your curves. The way it catches the light when you move. It doesn't matter where we are, or what we're doing, when you wear it.. all I can think about is touching you.

12: Solstice

Beneath the Celtic sky as the spirits of the mystical swirl around us... Make love to me.
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