Shawn Wiseman

The Vampire's Victim

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Damien, Kara's old vampire flame, has gone missing, and with Olivia hospitalized it's up to Kara and Raymond to find him and save him from whatever danger he's gotten himself into.

When Kara finds out that Detective Simmons, the same psychic police officer that took Olivia's fang, is still active she resolves to find out more about what he's up to. However, she and Raymond find more than they bargained for as they learn that he's working for someone else. Worst of all, it's a vampire.

To expose the mastermind pulling the strings of both vampires and psychics, Kara has to ask for help from Vasha, the vampire gangster, again.

Will Vasha help them, and is it the type of help that they want? Why is a vampire working with psychics, their mortal enemies? Will they find out who's behind the attacks on their kind before it's too late?

With a female protagonist and strong female heroines, this action packed vampire series for adults will have your blood pumping.

Buy the audiobook, and see the war between psychics and vampires unfold!
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