Loretta Chase

A Duke in Shining Armour

‘One of the finest romance authors of all time’ JULIA QUINN

A Runaway Bride…

Bookish, brainy Lady Olympia Hightower should be elated she's marrying the ‘catch' of several London seasons. Her large, spendthrift family certainly is! And yet, Olympia finds herself sneaking out the chapel window, in a mad, attempt to escape her glorious future as a duchess.

A Duke in Pursuit…

Virtue was never a virtue for Hugh Philemon Ancaster, 7th Duke of Ripley, but even he can see his duty as best man requires him to recapture the fleeing bride, and return her to the bridegroom. But with every one of Olympia’s clever turns, he’s finding it harder to give her up.

A Matchmakers Dream…

Surely something so temptingly wrong can’t be so deliciously right?!

“Overflowing with Chase’s signature wit and laugh-out-loud humor.” ROMANTIC TIMES
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W. F. Howes


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