George J. Astley

Electric Car: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Electric Cars

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Have you considered buying an electric car?
Are you confused by them and wonder if they are as good as traditional motor vehicles?
Maybe you’ve just heard of them and would like to learn a bit more?
Electric cars are steadily becoming more popular as the technology that produces them gets better and more efficient. Gone now are the days when an electric car needed to be charged every few miles, but still there are many misconceptions about them.
This book, Electric Car: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Electric Cars, seeks to eliminate many of these misconceptions and myths that surround these vehicles and provides information on:
- Birth of Hybrid Electric Cars and Their Purpose
- Environmental Benefits Of Electric Cars
- Electric Cars- Save Your Money and Environment
- What Are the Gains of Electric Car Conversion?
- Intensifying Popularity of Electric Cars
- Build Your Own Electric Car At Home
- The Future Prospects of Electric Cars
And More…
If you have ever considered that the future lies with these incredible vehicles then get a copy of this book now and increase your understanding of how they can positively affect the planet and your pocket.
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