Eric Robertson

Master Your Emotions

Discover the best way to Master Your Emotions and develop true Emotional Intelligence!

Are you tired of letting your emotions get the better of you? Emotional intelligence has become an essential quality in our modern society. However, in such a noisy world, it seems like mastering your emotions is something only accessible to a selected few. Well, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Discovering how to master your emotions can be done extremely efficient if you take the right approach.

In this audiobook you will discover:
-       What our emotions actually are and what core emotions are responsible for everything we feel.
-       The importance of discovering your emotional map and how you can use it to improve your sate of being.
-       When and if you should control your emotions or just be in the moment with them.
-       The dangers we face if we leave our emotions unchecked.
-       An easy to follow book structure where we take one emotion at a time.
-       Clear step by step guidelines and scenarios which you can relate to and allow you to understand each emotion that much better.
-       A bonus chapter which will cover the emotion most people tend to overlook.

The journey to self-improvement must begin with self-acknowledgment.
If you have the courage to start this journey and discover how to never let your emotions get the better of you, then scroll up and Order Now!
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