David Feldspar

Deep Learning: What You Need to Know about Machine Learning

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Two books in one:
Book 1:
Big data can tremendously improve a company’s performance.
Many company owners or accountants don’t look at all the numbers, misread the numbers, or don’t know how to scale faster and more effectively. In this audiobook, you can listen to information on topics like:
Obstacles most businesses face when trying to process technological data

Customer analysis based on data to understand them better

Using databases to create more wealth, higher profit margins, and happier customers

Improving business data storage and using video marketing services the right way

Human resources data and challenges when looking at small and big data

Better performance and security though online data and protective systems

Safeguarding your data from various security attacks
Book 2:
Discover the correct data and solutions for your organization now.

All organizations, especially larger ones, face this one dilemma: sorting and reading the big data. Whether it’s a business, NGO, or another organization, patterns and numbers need to be understood to keep management as effective as possible. This audio solves all kinds of problems and addresses topics for entrepreneurs, accountants, and managers, such as:
The importance of big data and its significance to companies
Why investing in more effective big data analysis can help firms scale up massively
Big data for small and midsize businesses
The top factors to take into account when viewing and interpreting the details of big data
The two problems that can happen when implementing Big Data Hadoop
How big data help any organization compete in a crazy, competitive society
Trends for big data in 2020
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