Michal Stawicki

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness

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Create a Road Map to the Life of Your Dreams
What if you could become who you want to be... on autopilot? What if you could achieve impossible feats now? Feats you believe you could never do?

In 2012, an average IT guy created his own personal mission statement. It became his road map to an extraordinary life. Michal Stawicki became a serial author and entrepreneur.
Michal did things that both he and the experts deemed impossible, like developing dozens of daily habits in a few months or creating multiple online streams of income. And he credits at least 50% of his success to his personal mission statement.

In "A Personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness," you will find:
A complete, step by step, from-zero-to-hero, process of creating your personal mission statement (no vague pep talk!)27 questions to discover your strengths and detect your purposeTips from someone who has been in your shoes just a few months before6 ways to put your personal mission statement into use - even if reading is not your thing and you are more responsive to visual or audio stimuliUnique advice on how to integrate your personal mission statement into your daily life, so you can change yourself from inside out, on autopilot10 mental exercises that will twist your brain and squeeze out ideas to help you discover why you are in this worldAn inspiring, true story (because a pinch of inspiration is necessary!)BONUS: Links to dozens of high quality personal mission statement examplesall in less than 9000 words, so you can begin transforming your life today.Get started immediatelyPick up your copy now and take the first step on your very own road to happiness.
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