Matthew G. Carter

Momentum Stocks: Investing and Trading on the Stock Market Like a Genius by Analyzing and Understanding the Trends

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Everything you need to know about profiting from momentum stocks without getting wiped out

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“The trend is your friend, until the end when it bends!”

There are two types of trend traders- those who follow the trend and make profits, and those who follow the trend, make profits and then lose it in the end.

Which of these traders do you want to be?

Trend trading is certainly a good thing- people like John. W. Henry earned millions of dollars from trend trading. From the proceeds of his investments, he bought the Boston Red Sox and the Liverpool Football Club and today, he is worth over $2.2billion.

The truth is that trend following is a very controversial topic; many financial advisors would advise you to stay off trend stocks, and that they don’t work for stocks but people like John. W. Henry have proven them wrong.

People who tell you to stay off trend following simply have no idea about how to trade trend stocks; there are methods to these things ,and in this book, you’re about to learn some of the secret strategies that successful trend traders use.

This is where your momentum stock success journey begins.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

What trend following is

Where to find the best trend stocks

When to buy a stock

When to take your profits

When to exit a losing trade

And basically everything you need to know about profiting from momentum stocks without getting wiped out

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