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Divorcing and Healing From a Narcissist

You Are About To Learn The Ins And Outs Of Narcissism, Including How To Unmask And Deal With A Narcissist In Your Life, Break Free From Their Control/Influence And Ultimately Take Your Life, Freedom And Sanity Back, For Good!
There was a time when all he/she said was sweet music to your ears. They were gentle, considerate, sensitive and just used to say the right words at the right time, something that made you like them even the more.
But those days are just a distant memory – now, anything you say is criticized, analyzed and even a genuine concern to improve your relationship ends up being an argument that just never seems to end.
And even when the other person is wrong, they never apologize; they stick their guns, turn things around and accuse you for doing something that caused them to react the way they did. Nothing you do is ever enough so constant snide and mean comments are the order of the day.
You’ve always been told that you are the problem – always over-reacting and taking things out of context.
Whenever you put your foot down, you are met with the most intense period of love bombing that leaves you confused and unable to move on – with all manner of promises to change.
You’ve discovered the other person is a narcissist and isn’t going to change for good!
How do you understand the mind of the narcissist and use that knowledge to your advantage – to beat the narcissist at their own game?
How do you get back control, peace of mind and sanity after all that period of having it in the hands of the other person?
If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you!
Even if it feels impossible to detach yourself from a narcissist who has made you believe you cannot survive without them, this book gives to the chance to learn how to disengage from a damaging narcissist, build awareness about the situation and how to deal with these harmful personalities.
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