Matthew Daley

Growing up, Matthew Daley walked to and from school. It wasn’t up hill both ways, though the mere fact that he did so is quite a seismic feat in the 21st Century. This is important because he walked passed a library, and on most days, he stopped there on his way home from school. He also believed that world peace could be achieved if everyone celebrated Doughnut Day every day.Once he discovered that money doesn’t grow on trees – but rather, from them – he started to work. There was no other way to pay for his book/comic book/music buying addiction or his insistence of seeing every movie in the theaters at a minimum of three times. The jobs that he has held are (in no particular order of importance): referee, dish washer, soda salesman, envelope stuffer, waiter, microfiche filer, classical music morning DJ, small publisher rejection letter writer, sexual assault workshop facilitator, college essay ghostwriter, research consultant, high school English teacher, college professor, and writer. When he isn’t writing fun things like Lantern City, Rise: An Illustrated Novel, and the upcoming The Not-So Secret Society, Matthew likes to study maps with his son, draw satellites with his older daughter, eat clementines with his younger daughter, and watch horror movies with his wife. His ability to arrange words in a decipherable way has earned him recognition from The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the National Association of Black Journalists. One day, he might achieve the career goal he set for himself at age four: work as a milkman, fireman, and garbage man, splitting the day in three shifts. In the meantime, he will continue to write.


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