Graham Allcott

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    Time might be spent, but attention still needs to be paid.
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    Change can come from trying new things, but can also come from revisiting, refreshing or reinforcing good habits.
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    what ‘improving productivity’ is: good habits, skills and behaviours.
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    You can’t manage time but you can manage attention.
    Unlike time, attention isn’t a fixed resource, and an hour of proactive attention is far more valuable than an hour of inactive attention.
    It’s important to think about the quality of our attention and aim for Zen-like calm: that state where we’re interacting only with the thing in front
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    Promise me this solemnly. Never, ever forget that you are not a superhero. You are a Ninja. You’re human. You must realize that the world changes, but that you’re as prepared as you can be
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    Being ruthless also means being selective about how we achieve our goals. Using the 80–20 rule, we can start to recognize that not all of what we do creates an equal amount of impact. 20% of what we do accounts for 80% of the impact
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    Different people will have a different policy on networking, but broadly I set out to tick off these criteria, in this order:
    Am I likely to meet interesting and useful people?
    Is this person remarkable? Do they have something to say, or a good track record, or good enthusiasm? (If not, move on – there’s nothing to see here!)
    Can this person tell me something that informs my work and broadens my strategic sense?
    Can we work together on something?
    Is there an obvious win-win here that takes half the effort of the conversation itself
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    This will give you peace of mind and increase your chances of regularly achieving the Zen-like calm you need.
    Playful … is positive, relaxed and accepts that you’re allowed the freedom to succeed, even at the expense of occasionally making mistakes.
    Productive … is knowing you’re making excellent choices from a place of preparedness.
    Momentum … is a flow of great work that is so exciting it leads to more great work. It does the opposite of procrastination and stress.
    Control … gives you the power and confidence to keep on going, which creates even greater momentum, greater playfulness and greater productivity
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    Proactive attention
    Active attention
    Inactive attention
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