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shrill voice, nearly in hysterical tears. “I demand that you free me this instant!!”

“Kristal!” she spoke with calm cold deliberation, “Don’t you ever again dare to raise your voice to me in that manner, or you will be extremely sorry! Your new jewellery has been fitted to keep you under control, as must be patently obvious, even to you. What you wear now are only the temporary versions of what you will soon wear on a permanent basis, and they are only the very first stages of the full ensemble that you will soon have to bear.

“Now, you shall come to the bathroom with me and be given a shower. When you are finished being bathed, I will then dress you in a robe and take you down to breakfast with your father. After that, you will be returned to these rooms and further orientation for entry into your new life will commence.”

“Frau Baxter?” I gasped in dismay, now badly frightened just by her tone of command and by what she had just said. “What do you mean that I will soon wear more permanent ... th-things, like these? And-and ... you said that there are yet more things that I will be fitted with? What do you mean?”

“All will be revealed to you in due course, my girl!” she replied, once more fixing her icy eyes upon me. “It is yet too early in your training to reveal the full breadth and depth of what is to come. You will learn more soon enough.”
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My life has formed a husk around me and I can barely see the sun.
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“Your games not going so well?” Dwight inquired. He knew of his bosses’ darker passions in a vague sort of way, though he’d never been a witness to them, and he never wanted to.

Reggie stared out dispassionately to the group below. “Games,” he said. “That’s what it is,” he answered with added cynicism, leaving his second in command with yet another obscure comment. Dwight could only guess at the meaning behind it. Reggie suddenly turned to him. “Does Cassie have those reports ready?”

“I doubt it. I don’t think Cassie was up for a working holiday. Last I saw of her, she was waving her fanny at Jason Sturbridge. You take her out of the office and that girl is real ditzy blonde.”

“Cut the inference, Dwight. I’ve known dozens of brilliant blondes.”
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