Helena Clarins

Helena Clarins is mother and wife loves to organize he beautiful home. She is also an avid coupon mom and loves to share her coupon hacks. She makes it her mission to find out about every money saver method online and offline. She can't keep herself from living frugally and enjoys to share all her knowledge in her publications. She simply relishes the challenges of looking how far she can stretch her resources. She knows how to stretch a tight budget to the maximum and teaching others about money saving topics like organizing the home, minimalism, feng-shui, prepping, gardening, canning & preserving, prepping & survival lifestyle, sustained living and homeschooling are the areas of life she is most passionate about. She loves to empower her family, kids and her readers with saving money methods. Readers of her books always find out about methods on how to get free samples and great deals showing you how to shop and to save money on a budget and how to make the most of your home keeping it beautiful and organized without having to spend a lot of extra money. She just recently discovered her passion for schooling her kids from home and has been very successful with applying a sustained living and homeschooling path. She is soon releasing her new series of educational kid books into the marketplace.
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