K. W. Middleton is a wife and mother and lives with her family on the beautiful island of Capri. Since early childhood, she dreamed of writing stories dedicated to women. She finally risked her career and her relationship. Her writing venture is about college life meets wall street that is wrapped up into an intensively high explosive emotional charged story. A story that consists of her own experiences and moments that are half fiction and half reality. An exciting story of adventure and suspense with a love story wrapped around it. A story of a woman who is finally able to change her life. A story of a woman who leaves everything she has been living for. A story of a woman who leaves her past behind her and who emotionally goes through her own resurrection. She is living very intensive moments in a country that she has never been before and with people that she has never seen before. She likes to convey that every woman has the ability to write her own story because it is the failure that makes a story great. Every woman has the chance to take a second chance and to grab that possibility and opportunity and turn failure into a new life that she is passionate about and that she loves to live, every day and for the rest of her life! Every woman has the right to create her own freedom and her own definition of love.


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