Milos Ljumovic

Milos Ljumovic was born on July 26 in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro in Europe, where he attended elementary and high school. He also went to music school to play the guitar. He studied Computer Science in the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Montenegro University. The following year, he picked up interest in operating systems, which he majored in, in his Master's degree. In December 2009, along with his friend Danijel, he started his company, Programmer, along with a highly qualified team to provide high-tech IT solutions. Soon, many skilled developers joined them, and from this collaboration, many applications and system software, web applications, and database systems have arisen. His clients were not only the Government of Montenegro, but also some major domestic companies. He developed a new age financial system for the national domain company, MeNet; he also developed video recognition software, along with pictures and other digital media types. He also developed many fascinating websites and other web applications. The list of customers is too long to be incorporated here. After working only for a few months as an international consultant, he worked with an American company in a project involving large e-commerce businesses and data scraping from the Internet. All this was the spark to open his new company, EXPERT.ITS.ME, in the beginning of July 2014. Besides development, he provides consulting services and helps small businesses in the IT sector to manage problems while inspiring them to be and think big. He is also a member of the Committee of National Chamber (ICT) of Montenegro and MENSA. He likes programming in C/C++/C# even though he is skilled in HTML, PHP, TSQL, and more while going toward his dream of developing his own operating system. In his spare time, he plays tennis, dives, hunts, or plays chess. He favors brainstorming with his team and fresh, modern ideas in the area of IT and computer science. He is continuously going towards new beginnings and next-generation software solutions. He specially likes teaching computer science and math students through private classes and courses and shaping them to be qualified programmers and helping them find all the beauty of science. To see what his interests are and what he is doing, visit his company's website ( or his website (, or contact him at


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