Yasushi Inoue

Yasushi Inoue (井上靖) was a Japanese writer whose range of genres included poetry, essays, short fiction, and novels. Inoue is famous for his serious historical fiction of ancient Japan and the Asian continent, including Wind and Waves, Tun-huang, and Confucius, but his work also included semi-autobiographical novels and short fiction of great humor, pathos, and wisdom like Shirobamba and Asunaro Monogatari, which depicted the setting of the author's own life — Japan of the early to mid twentieth century — in revealing perspective.1936 Chiba Kameo Prize --- Ruten,流転1950 Akutagawa Prize --- Tōgyu,闘牛1957 Ministry of Education Prize for Literature --- The Roof Tile of Tempyo,天平の甍1959 Mainichi Press Prize --- Tun-huang,敦煌1963 Yomiuri Prize --- Fūtō,風濤(from Wikipedia)


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