Dagogo Altraide

Cold Fusion Presents: New Thinking

The creator of YouTube’s ColdFusion explores the development of technology from Industrial Revolution to Artificial Intelligence to figure out what’s next.
As each new stage of technology builds on the last, advancements start to progress at an exponential rate. In order to know where we’re headed, it’s essential to know how we got here. What hidden stories lie behind the technology we use today? What drove the men and women who invented it? What were those special moments that changed the world forever?
Dagogo Altraide explores these questions in a history of human innovation that reveals how new technologies influence each other, how our modern world came to be, and what future innovations might look like. From the electric world of Tesla and the steam engine revolution to the first computers, the invention of the internet, and the rise of artificial intelligence, New Thinking tells the stories of the men and women who changed our world with the power of new thought.
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    samairaveerabhadraalıntı yaptı8 ay önce
    The Bell Telephone Company would later be known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, or AT&T, still one of the largest service providers today
    samairaveerabhadraalıntı yaptı8 ay önce
    What hath God wrought?” It was taken from Numbers 23:23 in the Bible.
    samairaveerabhadraalıntı yaptı8 ay önce
    Never did I feel such a tumultuous sensation before as when, all alone in the still room, I heard the needles click, and as I spelled the words, I felt all the magnitude of the invention pronounced to be practicable beyond cavil or dispute.”

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