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DIY Household Green Cleaning – A Eco-Friendly Beginner's Guide To Cleaning Your Household FAST

WHY YOU SHOULD GREEN CLEAN? AMAZING ADDED VALUE TO YOUR CLEANING EXPERIENCE Nothing is more important to this planet than finding alternatives to chemicals and practices that are harming it. Sometimes it is helpful to think of the earth as a living cell, one that we are living on. Once the cell dies, what do you think will happen to the other things inhabiting it? Not a pretty picture. Being environmental isn't just good for humanity at large, but it's great for the animals, our health, and sometimes even more importantly, our budgets. Discovering new ways to clean the house may even eliminate allergens that you didn't know your body was reacting to. For example, if you switch from a chemical based spray to aromatic oils to keep your home smelling fresh, you may stop sneezing on a regular basis. It can really work! Even if you're not outwardly allergic to chemicals, using big brand cleaners is a seriously unhealthy choice. Even if it doesn't look like your health is suffering, the way your cells are changed because of chemical interference is something that hasn't been tested sufficiently. Big businesses don't care about our health — they care about the fact that we, as consumers, have a need. If they claim to have a product that will satisfy that need, then they will make money. Consumer health is nothing compared to a paycheck! So if you care about your health, the environment, and your budget, switching to green cleaning products is the choice for you! Using this book, learn all the best ways to clean your house the right way, instead of putting yourself at risk with a chemical cocktail you may never recover from. Let's get started!
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