Frida Kahlo: A Biography, Keely Bautista
Keely Bautista

Frida Kahlo: A Biography

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It is impossible to separate Frida Kahlo's work from her life. This most autobiographical of artists created a virtual timeline in her paintings that spanned her entire career as an artist. From the time she began painting while recovering from a brutal accident that left her disabled, to her final struggles, shortly before her death, with a body that was literally wired together, Frida Kahlo chronicled her life on canvas. Above the gruesome aspects of her injuries, above the pain and the surgeries, rose a white hot flame of passion and creativity. When Frida Kahlo suffered, she suffered intensely; when she celebrated, her world became a celebration.

Because of the intensity of these highs and lows, the visceral effect of Frida Kahlo's work hits you with a virtual punch to the stomach. Before you realize it, you're drawn into her world, captivated by those solemn, staring portraits which, in turn, are scrutinizing you as well.
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Herrera describes how, even when she was encased in a plaster cast around her torso for months on end, she still continued to paint, rigging easels and holding herself up by bedrails.
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She was also a gifted scholar, and was accepted to study at one of Mexico's finest schools, the Preparatoria
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I hope the end is joyful — and I hope never to return

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