Audrey Hepburn: Biography of Hollywood's Greatest Movie Actress, Sara McEwen
Sara McEwen

Audrey Hepburn: Biography of Hollywood's Greatest Movie Actress

Audrey Hepburn was a rare beauty who managed to be just as graceful and captivating on the inside as she was on the outside. Her lithe dancer's body, large dark eyes and effortlessly chic clothing have made Hepburn a fashion icon for decades, no matter how many other trends may come and go. At the same time, Hepburn's refined and charming personality captured her fans' hearts, and her charity work was an important part of her life up until her final years.

With her characteristic and unique blend of tomboy, ballerina and socialite personas, Hepburn worked hard to make her way into the ranks of Hollywood A-listers, but never forgot to stay true to her roots and genuinely care for those in need. After a childhood that was marked with tragedy and hardship, from losing her father to enduring the trials of World War II, Hepburn persevered and quickly became a role model for many people. She showed the world that it was possible to have a blend of poise and playfulness, to be a movie star and a humanitarian at the same time.
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unique blend of tomboy
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Her last movie role was in Always(1988), in which she had a small cameo appearance as an angel.

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