Julian Short

A Model for Living

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A practical guide to modern life and relationships as endorsed by the Premier and Storm model agencies.
A Model for Living is a practical guide to modern life and relationships. Julian Short draws upon over 30 years’ experience as a psychiatrist to offer hints, tips and guidelines for coping with many of the problems we face every day.
In a simple, no-nonsense style he shows you how to:
COPE WITH REJECTION. How to deal with being dumped or bein turned down for a job.
IMPROVE SELF-ESTEEM. Learn to feel better about yourself and gain the admiration of others.
WIN EVERY ARGUMENT – EVEN WHEN YOU LOSE. A simple strategy for making sure you walk away from any dispute feeling great.
DEAL WITH FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. Whether you are a parent, husband, wife or child.
A Model for Living has advice and tips that really help, and they are all easy to introduce into your daily life.
The international model agencies Premier and Storm both use A Model for Living when advising new models and their families. The book’s tips for handling rejection and improving self-esteem have proved to be the perfect foundation for young men and women embarking on a career in the demanding world of fashion.
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    bazhindo4kabir izlenim paylaşıldı4 yıl önce

    это одна из лучших книг по практической психологии на свете, которая года три назад заставила меня ломать систему и покупать её на амазоне) а теперь есть тут, в свободном доступе на самом лучшем на свете букмейте <3

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