Minimalist Living: A Guide to Simple Living, Declutter & Frugal Living (Speedy Boxed Sets), Speedy Publishing
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Minimalist Living: A Guide to Simple Living, Declutter & Frugal Living (Speedy Boxed Sets)



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Dekha Anggareska
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Aida Shareepkhan
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Instead of rushing around to meet deadlines, a minimalist will choose the activities that are essential and leave the rest off of their schedule
Alyona Kozhukhova
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Emphasis on Personal Fulfillment
The minimalist lifestyle emphasizes personal fulfillment through the elimination of all things that do not positively impact one’s life. This means giving up wasteful habits that hinder productivity and personal happiness. Whether that means giving up on having a new car or cutting down on one’s activities, the main goal is to find better ways to live with simplicity. Once one has streamlined their spending habits and daily activities, they can then focus on the things that make them truly happy. Creative careers, a focus on family time and the pursuit of one’s passions are all associated with living a minimalist lifestyle

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