Victoria Williamson

You are the Music

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'You are the music / While the music lasts' T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets

Do babies remember music from the womb? Can classical music increase your child’s IQ? Is music good for productivity? Can it aid recovery from illness and injury? And what is going on in your brain when Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’, Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht or Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’ transports you back to teenage years?

In a brilliant new work that will delight music lovers of every persuasion, music psychologist Victoria Williamson examines our relationship with music across the whole of a lifetime.

Along the way she reveals the amazing ways in which music can physically reshape our brains, explores how ‘smart music listening’ can improve cognitive performance, and considers the perennial puzzle of what causes ‘earworms’.

Requiring no specialist musical or scientific knowledge, this upbeat, eye-opening book reveals as never before the extent of the universal language of music that lives deep inside us all.
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    Julia Medinaalıntı yaptıgeçen yıl
    Music is a universal, human, dynamic, multi-purpose, sound signalling system.
    zokegalıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    morning. My dad’s beloved Celestion Ditton 66 speakers now take pride of place in my living room.

    Not only am I addicted to music, I am also addicted to working out why I am addic
    Sofya Averchenkovaalıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
    how they respond to all manner of external auditory stimuli, including sirens, animal cries or, as we shall see in a minute, aircraft take-off. So let’s leave the point of musical preference on one side for now.

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