Laura Lovecraft,Alana Church,Veronica Sloan,Ashley Berry,The Bad Girls of Erotica,Alexa Nichols

No Boys Allowed

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Boys may love
their night out, but nothing’s hotter than a girl’s night in with only one rule:
No Boys Allowed! The Bad Girls of Erotica are leaving the boys out in the cold
with five steamy tales of lesbian lust! Fantasies are fulfilled and secret
cravings satisfied in stories that will leave you hot, wet, and begging for more! Read it alone or with a girlfriend, but remember: No Boys Allowed!

Excerpt ~~~~~

“Our Neighbor’s A Porn
by Alana Church — Heather
Fawxx moved to a small town in the hopes that her adult-film past wouldn't
follow her. But her hopes were dashed when she was immediately recognized by her new neighbors. Now, the sparks of desire are igniting between her and sexy bi-curious
Barbara. One thing is sure: Life is interesting when your neighbor's a porn

“Burning Love From A Queen Of Snow” by Ashley Berry — Elena could think of nothing worse than marrying a prince from the frozen north. But that was before she met the prince’s mother, Queen Janice Hendry, who burns passion that no northern blizzard can quell. For Elena to join the royal family, she must pass three of the Queen’s intimate, sensual tests. Elena loves playing with girls, but will she have what it takes to satisfy a Queen of snow?

“Amore” by Alexa Nichols — What good is fame if you’re slowly, unavoidably, and undeniably losing your mind? Alicia is an up and coming model and internet sensation with an insane work ethic. What her fans don’t know, however, is that her always on personality is fueled by not only addiction but loss and tragedy on almost every level. The more famous she becomes, it seems, the more she loses…

“Mrs. Wilson’s Cure
for Headstrong Ladies & Hysterical Wives”
by Veronica Sloan — All Hubert wanted was an obedient wife
that could zip her lip and be a pretty little homemaker. His Minnie sure is pretty, but she's as obedient as a feral cat! She's always mouthing off,
breaking vases, and screaming about “her place” in a man's world.
When she crashes his Rolls Royce Phantom II, that's the very last straw!
Declaring his wife hysterical, Hubert takes her to the one woman that can cure
any headstrong dame. Little does he know, Mrs. Wilson has zero interest in “fixing” Minnie and every intention of awakening her lesbian lust!

“A Woman’s Touch”
by Laura Lovecraft — Linda never had any interest in women until she walked in on two of them having sex in a bathroom. Now women are all she thinks about,
but Linda is nervous and only fantasizes about it. Linda's favorite fantasy is of her sexy masseuse Paula. Her massages are the highlight of her week and this
one is going to be even more special because Paula knows just what Linda needs:
a woman's touch!
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