M.F. Renée

Our Journey to El Dorado

An unexpected encounter changes the lives of two women—both immigrants searching for purpose and a better life. Through their interwoven journey, both will question and embrace their faith.
When one is asked to be the Arabic translator for a Moroccan woman newly arrived at a Spanish safe house, she has no idea of the journey upon which she is embarking. Born into privilege, she will come face to face with the ugly, dark side of the world, the suffering so many endure. She will also discover the joy and heartbreak of loving broken women, joining forces with them, fighting back to survive and thrive.
Faith will guide their way, faltering at times, returning stronger.
Journey along with them in this sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes soaring memoir of discovery, disappointment, and redemption.
Partial proceeds of the book will go to Habiba and the safe house work in Spain.
“M.F. Renée is a poet, and this is a beautiful, powerful story. Her passion for the subject and her friend drips off every page. I’m never going to look at strawberries the same way again.” —Lorraine Thomas
“A haunting story to remind us of the horrors some live through in this life . . . but also a beautiful story to remind us there is hope and redemption.” —Kat Caldwell
“While the subject matter is difficult, the story is not. It is a lovely tale of friendship, faith, and the difference even one person can make in the world. Read it, and share it.” —Madison Michael
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