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Morgan Rice

A Fate of Dragons (Book #3 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

  • Ruie Abulenciaalıntı yaptı2 ay önce
    Finally, life had meaning again.
  • jekelmeealıntı yaptı7 ay önce
    home, he and the Legion leaving the Isle of Mist in rough waters, fighting their way out to sea, then fighting their way through the rain wall. They had entered the open waters into a thick fog which had enveloped them nearly the entire way home and allowed them to escape detection from the Empire the
  • jekelmeealıntı yaptı7 ay önce
    as he leaned back with a smile and watched the festivities unfold before him. In the circular floor of his massive throne room, the night’s
  • jekelmeealıntı yaptı7 ay önce
    The fire crackled, but other than that, the night was silent.

    They had all been sitting there for hours, frozen with exhaustion, pondering their fates after this grueling day of training.
  • b2659968002alıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    You might kill them allbut do you really want the blood of your fellow brothers on your hands? Do you really want to spark a civil war? For you, your men would risk their lives, kill anyone. But is that fair to them?
  • b5682245606alıntı yaptı3 yıl önce

    in tagalog "gumala"

  • kojigasalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    as if a dagger had just been plunged into his chest
  • kojigasalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    His confidence had been shaken to the core
  • kojigasalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    Everything he had imagined, from the time he was a child, had been a lie. A delusion. He had believed in his own fable.

    And it had crushed him
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