Siqiao Liang

The syrian force displacement in the middle east

In early 2011, the Syrian civil war erupted. Numerous militias emerged. Civilians died. People fled. In the past decade, Syrians have become the biggest group of refugees in the world. Most of the displaced Syrians live within the Middle East region. This book asks two big questions: first, what are the challenges for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey toreturn to Syria and how can they be overcome? Second, what
are the livelihood challenges for Syrian refugees in these countries and how can they be overcome?
The Syrian Forced Displacement in the Middle East is an exhaustive essay based on more than two hundred days of fieldwork in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey through interviews with more than a thousand refugees and locals, as well as officials from government, nongovernment, and international organizations between 2019 and 2023. It narrates Syrians' refugeehood and suggests steps to move forward in the issues of refugee protection and refugee return.
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