David Eddings

The Complete Elenium Trilogy

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The complete, classic Elenium Trilogy, the story of the Pandion Knight Sparhawk and his horse Faron, a sleeping queen, and the legendary jewel that can save her …
After a long exile, Pandion Knight Sparhawk returns to his native land to find his young queen grievously ill.
Ehlana has been poisoned and will die unless a cure can be found within a year. The life force of twelve of her sworn knights is all that sustains her; but one knight will be lost within the passing of each month if the antidote isn’t found.
To save his queen, his comrades, and the stability of the kingdom, Sparhawk begins the search for the cure, only to discover a greater and more pervasive evil than he could ever have imagined.
Time is running out for the poisoned Queen Ehlana. If she is to be saved Sparhawk must find the only cure — a powerful artefact called the Bhelliom — before it’s too late.
But finding the rose-shaped sapphire is no simple task. No one has set eyes upon it since it was lost in the heat of a legendary battle.
To make matters worse, Sparhawk and his allies are not the only party questing to find the jewel.
Sparhawk and his allies have recovered the magical sapphire Bhelliom, giving them the power to wake and cure Queen Ehlana.
But while they were away an unholy alliance was brokered between their enemies that threatens the safety of not just Elenia but the entire world.
By returning to save the young queen, Sparhawk risks delivering the Bhelliom into the hands of the enemy.
As battle looms, Sparhawk’s only hope may be to unleash the jewel’s full power. But no one can predict whether this will save the world or destroy it…
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    If you want to read a story with engaging characters, with a deep and comprehensive world - complete with its own history (both the good and the bad - mostly bad -> Eddings understood history and what have been done in the name of religion!). This is the story you should be reading!
    Sparhawk is truly fleshed out character - with all the foibles, idiosyncrasies, manners, hopes and desires you would find in a live person! He is not perfect, sometimes he is a downright bastard, but you can always relate to his struggles and his reactions - he is what you need a black knight to be - the bastard who does the right thing! Damn the consequences, the pain and the personnel costs!
    Probably one of the best written characters ever - across all genres!

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