Rudolph J. Smith

A Guide to Public Speaking Techniques to Avoid Stress and Engage Your Audience

A Guide to Public Speaking Techniques to Avoid Stress and Engage Your Audience

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is more common than that of spiders? That's right: speaking in front of two, ten or a hundred people (whether it's a coffee break with colleagues or a large audience at a company meeting) can be the most stressful experience imaginable.

But don't despair: if when it's your turn to speak your body starts to shake and your hands start to sweat like never before, there's a solution, and you'll find it in this manual.

In this book you will learn to:

— know the best techniques and strategies for dealing with the fear of the audience (large or small) without running into unwanted mistakes and devastating embarrassment

— understand that without a winning strategy, every public presentation you make, whether at a business meeting, a wedding, or even at university for an exam, is likely to fail

— to interact with your audience in a spontaneous and natural way by conveying your fear and stress in positive actions that the audience will not fail to notice

— Prepare your speech as well as possible, include personal experiences and stories to engage your audience like a seasoned professional

The bad news is that until now, let's face it, you haven't been able to manage your emotions in front of your audience. Because it's really the emotions that get you down. There's nothing wrong with that. If you don't have a strategy, if you don't know how to prepare and how to behave, the risks of failure are always around the corner.

Chances are you'll continue to dread these kinds of experiences throughout your life. It's not your fault, and many people do it without qualms: this is a subject they don't teach in school.

However, it's time to face this fear of yours head on and show those in front of you that you too can be a great speaker, that you too can engage with your stories, that you too can convey ideas and concepts in a connective way.

By purchasing this book:

— you will be aware of the potential successful speaker that lives inside you

— You will learn how to create an authentic connection with your audience.

— you'll be able to achieve tangible results in record time because believe me, it takes very little to achieve a mammoth improvement.

Thanks to this manual you will radically change your approach to public speaking. You will realize how, by following simple but effective strategies, every opportunity to speak in front of other people to express your ideas (yes, even at the bar with friends) can turn into an unprecedented success.


Identify your purpose
Prepare your speech
Prepare your visual aids
Create a test presentation
Eliminate stage fright and boost your self-esteem
Incorporate your personality into your presentation
Extra things you need to help you deliver a high-impact message
Interaction with viewers
The important question and answer session
Engage your audience
Elements of preparation before presentation
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