Charles Dickens

Holiday Romance

In this charming series of short stories from Victorian author nonpareil Charles Dickens, four pairs of lovebirds offer up a detailed account of their courtships. There's just one catch — none of the besotted have yet reached the ripe old age of 10. Displaying his usual knack for uncannily accurate characterization, Dickens gives readers a glimpse into the triumphs and trials of schoolyard romance.
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    Sentimental, sweet and simple. There is no more romantic time than enjoying the magic of the holiday season.


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    My peerless bride was, at the period of which we now treat, in captivity at Miss Grimmer's.
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    This, however, from motives of humanity, was abandoned as too expensive.
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    Again, how would you support us?'
    The pirate-colonel replied in a courageous voice, 'By rapine!' But his bride retorted, 'Suppose the grown-up people wouldn't be rapined?' 'Then,' said the colonel, 'they should pay the penalty in blood.' - 'But suppose they should object,' retorted his bride,

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