The Devil’s Guide To Hollywood, Joe Eszterhas
Joe Eszterhas

The Devil’s Guide To Hollywood

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Joe Eszterhas has written some of Hollywood's biggest hits – Basic Instinct; Flashdance – and walked away with some of the largest writing cheques in the industry's history. In The Devil's Guide to Hollywood he reveals everything he knows about the movies – the players, the personalities, the legends – and screenwriting itself, revealing all that has inspired, amused and enraged him in Hollywood since his career began. Hilarious, colourful but also practical, this is required reading for anyone who's ever thought of writing for the screen, and for anyone who wants the inside story on the organised insanity of the movie business.
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Simon Dunlop
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the sixty-sixth Academy Awards, a screenwriter hired an airplane that towed a banner behind it proclaimi
Ieremia  Fon Shultsen
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et up every hour or so and walk around for five or ten minutes. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your back, your prostate, and possibly your relationship with your wife and kids. Say hi to them, give them a hug, drink some water, and go back to work.
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I pass them on to you because my creative life has been dedicated to the belief that we screenwriters are not “schmucks with Underwoods” (as Jack Warner once called us)

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