Marti Murphy,Bailey Samples

365 Days to Embracing Forbidden Emotions

This book is both a supplemental guide to the first book, Forbidden Emotions — The Key to Healing, and a standalone daily guide to help you make micro-changes that lead to profound shifts in your life. Some concepts are repeated throughout the book intentionally. The purpose is to help you practice these concepts frequently, so you embody them and see lasting results.

In this book, the word ego, and the terms inner bully and bully in your brain are used interchangeable. The bully in your brain is a term, I've used to call the ego, because in my experience in my own life and with clients, that's how it feels.

When the ego is yammering away incessantly with all of its should's, have to's, and the fear and anxiety it promotes within you, it can feel like a school yard bully that's beating you up emotionally and ultimately physically because of the stress load you carry.

As you learn to recognize this inner bully (the ego) running your show, you can interrupt it with tapping and/or the simple, yet powerful, mental noting. Over time, these interruptions have a profound and healing impact on your well-being.
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