Amos Oz

Rhyming Life and Death

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Fiction and reality merge inside the mind of a famous Israeli author in this “hilarious and profound . . . slyly philosophical novel” (Booklist).
In this novel, Amos Oz offers a prismatic portrait of the storytelling impulse, with an extended glimpse inside the mind of a celebrated, unnamed Author.
On a stiflingly hot night, the Author is in Tel Aviv to give a reading from his new book. As his attention wanders, he begins to invent lives for the strangers he sees around him: here, a self-styled cultural guru, Yakir Bar-Orian Zhitomirski; there, a love-starved professional reader, Rochele Reznik; to say nothing of Ricky the waitress, the real object of his desires. Reality and fiction blend in this ingenious, poignant work by the author of A Tale of Love and Darkness, a winner of the Koret Jewish Book Award.
“A fable on themes of sex, death and writing pitched somewhere between the fictional universes of JM Coetzee and Milan Kundera.” — The Guardian
“The witty and melancholy recorder of his country’s brilliant sufficiencies. . . . Now Oz takes an equally witty, equally melancholy look at his role as a writer.” —Los Angeles Times
“From the prodigious Oz comes a delightfully elusive . . . story of imagination, talent and the transitory nature of fame. . . . Stamped with Oz’s charm and graceful skill in creating rich characters.” —Publishers Weekly
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    Мария Евдокимоваalıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    To write about things that exist, to try to capture a color or smell or sound in words, is a little like playing Schubert when Schubert is sitting in the hall, and perhaps sniggering in the darkness.
    Мария Евдокимоваalıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    He is covered in shame and confusion because he observes them all from a distance, from the wings, as if they all exist only for him to make use of in his books. And with the shame comes a profound sadness that he is always an outsider, unable to touch or to be touched, with his head perpetually buried under the photographer’s old black cloth
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