Physics of the Soul, Amit Goswami
Amit Goswami

Physics of the Soul

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At last, science and the soul shake hands. Writing in a style that is both lucid and charming, mischievous and profound, Dr. Amit Goswami uses the language and concepts of quantum physics to explore and scientifically prove metaphysical theories of reincarnation and immortality. In PHYSICS OF THE SOUL, Goswami helps you understand the perplexities of the quantum physics model of reality and the perennial beliefs of spiritual and religious traditions. He shows how they are not only compatible, but, also, provide essential support for each other. The result is a deeply broadened, exciting and enriched worldview that integrates mind and spirit into science. "e;Dr. Amit Goswami is one of the most brilliant minds in the world of science. His insights into the relationship between physics and consciousness have deeply influenced my understanding, and I am deeply grateful to him. Physics of the Soul is both challenging and brilliant."e; -Deepak Chopra "e;…one of the most original contemporary thinkers and writers in the field of physics and consciousness. .. Goswami makes difficult concepts accessible and exciting."e; -Stanley Krippner
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