Jack London,TBD,Ulrich Baer

The Call of the Wild (Warbler Classics)

Jack London’s beloved 1903 masterpiece, The Call of the Wild, is unsurpassed as the gripping adventure of Buck, a California wolf-dog enjoying the good life who is brutally kidnapped and sold into the Canadian Yukon as a sled-dog during the gold rush of the 1890s. Buck quickly has to shed his civilized ways to survive the harsh new laws of fang and club, but after terrifying challenges he triumphs by discovering his true nature, which leads him to authentic love and finally an authentic life. Far more than a deeply moving animal fable, London’s harrowing and sublime tale probes fundamental questions of human existence and our relationship to the natural world.
Includes London’s haunting short story “To Build a Fire,” his 1903 article “How I Became a Socialist,” his 1910 essay The Other Animals, an afterword by Ulrich Baer, and a biographical timeline.
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