Ryu Murakami

From the Fatherland, with Love

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From the Fatherland, with Love is set in an alternative, dystopian present in which the dollar has collapsed and Japan's economy has fallen along with it. The North Korean government, sensing an opportunity, sends a fleet of 'rebels' in the first land invasion that Japan has ever faced. Japan can't cope with the surprise onslaught of 'Operation From the Fatherland, with Love'. But the terrorist Ishihara and his band of renegade youths – once dedicated to upsetting the Japanese government – turn their deadly attention to the North Korean threat. They will not allow Fukuoka to fall without a fight. Epic in scale, From the Fatherland, with Love is laced throughout with Murakami's characteristically savage violence. It's both a satisfying thriller and a completely mad, over-the-top novel like few others.
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    hazelnutmilktaealıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
    And the homeless are the easiest people in the world to kill.
    hazelnutmilktaealıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
    Ryokuchi Park had been run by yakuza, and there were thousands of other occupants, so no one ever bothered them. But elsewhere around the country the homeless were being harassed and even murdered daily.
    hazelnutmilktaealıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
    Nokonoshima Island was famous in Japan for its beaches and fishing spots. In the pamphlets, the white beaches seemed to stretch for ever. A lot of fruit was grown on the island, and the pamphlets mentioned a seedless papaya. Tateno was fascinated by this. If the papaya didn’t have any seeds, what was in the core of the fruit? He was determined one of these days to go to Nokonoshima, eat a seedless papaya, and sail his boomerangs over that pure white sand.

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