Baby Massage Experience with my Father: A Father's Journey, Mary Kay
Mary Kay

Baby Massage Experience with my Father: A Father's Journey

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Mike’ transition to fatherhood was a difficult and challenging process. There were so many Obstacles and adaption Issues he encountered on his way. As a result he found himself struggling with his new responsibility. He was side-lined and left in the background by the people who were supposed to help him with the transitional process. Despite this lack of support, he was expected to participate fully in the care of the baby… Since the birth of his daughter he was looking for support, to help him with his adjustment issues, but there are no services out there that offer support to men… He was later introduced to the old art of baby massage. Could this experi-ence of this technique boost Mike’s confidence and enhance his parenting skills? And would it help mend the ailing rela-tionship between him and his wife?

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