2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules, Book 2, Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules, Book 2

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(Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2)EDITORIAL REVIEW:

The highly anticipated sequel to the #1 *NEW YORK TIMES* bestselling book!

Secrets have a way of getting out, especially when a diary is involved.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Greg Heffley how he spent his summer vacation, because he definitely doesn’t want to talk about it.

As Greg enters the new school year, he’s eager to put the past three months behind him . . . and one event in particular.

Unfortunately for Greg, his older brother, Rodrick, knows all about the incident Greg wants to keep under wraps. But secrets have a way of getting out . . . especially when a diary is involved.

*Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick* Rules chronicles Greg’s attempts to navigate the hazards of middle school, impress the girls, steer clear of the school talent show, and most important, keep his secret safe.

F&P level: T
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