Gene O'Neill

A Stick of Doublemint

On a warm San Francisco night, an innocent young woman is gunned down during a gang-related drive-by shooting. The overworked police department have no leads and no suspects, and seemingly little interest in pursuing yet another case involving ongoing gang violence. Then those involved in the shooting start turning up dead, with a stick of Doublemint gum in hand. What does it mean, and who’s responsible?
A new detective is assigned to the case, and he quickly realizes he’s going to need help to solve it, so turns to old friends, Katy Green and Johnny Cato, now part of a successful private investigation firm!
So begins a race against the clock to stop further murders and to discover the perpetrator. Can the investigating duo, dubbed by newspapers as “Green Hornet and Cato” solve this latest case of the vigilante killings, or will the culprit continue to bloody the city?
And then continue the shocking case files of Sacramento’s “Green Hornet and Cato” with these other releases:
The Crime Files of Katy Green #1: Double Jack (a novella)
The Crime Files of Katy Green #2: Shadow of the Dark Angel
The Crime Files of Katy Green #3: Deathflash
The Crime Files of Katy Green #4: A Stick of Doublemint

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