Rainer Maria Rilke

The Dark Interval

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From one of the most famous poets in history comes a new selection of writings to bereaved friends and acquaintances, providing comfort in a time of grief and words to soothe the soul.

'A treasure. The solace Rilke offers is uncommon, uplifting and necessary' OBSERVER
Throughout his life, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke addressed letters to individuals who were close to him, who had contacted him after reading his works, or who he had met briefly — anyone with whom he felt an inner connection. Within his vast correspondence, there are about two dozen letters of condolence. In these direct, personal and practical letters, Rilke writes about loss and mortality, assuming the role of a sensitive, serious and uplifting guide through life's difficulties. He consoles a friend on the loss of her nephew, which she experienced like the loss of her own child; a mentor on the death of her dog; and an acquaintance struggling to cope with the end of a friendship. The result is a profound vision of mourning and a meditation on the role of pain in our lives, as well as a soothing guide for how to get through it.
Where things become truly difficult and unbearable, we find ourselves in a place already very close to its transformation…
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    Nature, the things of our daily interactions and use, are provisional and perishable. But as long as we are here, they are our property and our friendship, co-conspirators in our distress and joy just as they have already been the familiars of our forebears. So it is important not only not to disparage and degrade everything that exists in the here and now—rather, especially because of their provisional character, which they share with us, these phenomena and things should be understood and transformed by us with our innermost sense. Transformed? Yes, for it is our task to imprint this provisional, perishable earth so deeply, so painfully and passionately in ourselves that its reality shall arise in us again “invisibly.” We are the bees of the Invisible.
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